Online Qualitative


Online Bulletin Boards

Online Bulletin Board Focus Groups give clients greater geographic reach and longer, more in-depth transcripts than any other qualitative methodology.

Online Bulletin Boards allow clients to conduct more research with hard to reach participants in less time and for less cost than traditional focus groups.

Online Bulletin Boards are highly involved discussions that unfold over extended time frames. Participants love the convenience and clients love the depth of information.

With traditional face-to-face focus groups, participants are limited to specific geographic areas – with Online Bulletin Boards, consumers and clients can participate from anywhere around the world.

Online Bulletin Boards take advantage of threaded ‘Bulletin Board’ technology that is commonly used in online discussion groups. Bulletin Board participants log in at times and from locations that are personally convenient, answering questions posted by the moderator while reading and responding to the other participants’ comments. All of the discussion is visible onscreen to the client observers in a “virtual backroom.”

An Online Bulletin Board Focus Group typically takes place over a 3-5 day period – with respondents participating 2-3 times each day. Because of the longer timeframe and the come-and-go nature of the discussion, most Online Bulletin Board discussions have 10-30 participants, rather than the 8-10 participants common with in-person or real-time online groups.

Projects take on a whole new level of interactivity with Online Bulletin Boards. With the ability to embed video and other multimedia with the click of a button, this media allows researchers to tap into the rich world of user-generated content and ethnographic activities. Projects can include a vast array of multimedia stimuli that keep participants engaged throughout the study.

Online Bulletin Boards can be completed within a matter of weeks from start to finish.

Customer Journaling/Diary Keeping

Our online journaling system is a secure online tool created to help clients understand the daily lives, shopping and consumption rituals of their customers.

This is the perfect tool for conducting home product tests or understanding how shoppers decide what and where to buy.

Built around a robust blogging engine, we provide participants with a secure, easy and fun way to journal their thoughts and experiences. To provide the most insightful information, our system includes a full-featured WYSIWYG editor plus point-and-click embedding of photos, videos and other user-generated content.

Our system has all the features of popular public blogging systems plus the security, confidentiality and analysis tools needed to ensure the highest quality information. With our system we can build a client focused blogging community far away from public view.

Customer Journaling can take place over a few days or a few months – providing clients with unprecedented insights into the everyday lives of their customers and prospects.

Online Focus Groups/In-Depth Interviews

Our innovative Online Focus Group solutions save our clients time, money, and provide reliable results from a broad geographic area.  Using our trained and experienced moderators, we keep the human touch in the online environment allowing clients to communicate with customers and prospects in real-time around the world.

Available in over 13 languages, researchers can conduct real-time focus groups or in-depth interviews (IDI’s) around the world from the comfort of their office saving them time and money. With instant transcripts and reduced travel time, clients can receive their results in a matter of days.

Online Focus Groups/IDI’s provide fast, top-level reactions to concepts and media from geographically dispersed and hard to reach participants allowing clients the opportunity to gather intelligence from the global marketplace.

Advantages of Online Focus Groups

Fast: Book, recruit and run your groups in a matter of days. Perfect in a time crunch, online groups let you respond quickly to your clients needs.

Honest: Capture the gut level reaction of your respondents while maintaining a personal rapport. Simultaneous typing eliminates the influencer affect, while common interest and moderator skill builds the group dynamic.

Global: Conduct multi-location groups in one evening or recruit respondents that cut across geographic boundaries. Our services are currently available in 13 languages.

See participants “Face-to-face”: Using enhanced webcam and streaming technology video, online focus groups and IDI’s provide the comfort of in-person interviewing with the convenience of online – allowing clients to talk to anyone, anywhere at anytime..

Video Focus Groups enhanced features:

  • Multiple screen view with up to 8 participants
  • Written transcripts available upon group completion
  • Automatic Audio/Video Transcripts
  • Observer Chat Functionality
  • Teleconference Bridge Integration
  • Mark Up Features
  • Quick Polls

Our online qualitative research software was built for today’s social media culture. Our software’s vibrant and intuitive interface allows respondents to freely express themselves — so you get information you can trust and act upon with confidence.