Latest Technologies

Specific to digital data collection via mobile devices and browsers, Threads has firmly established itself as a global leader in leveraging cutting edge mobile and online research technologies for the purposes of reducing project costs and turnaround time.

Why Mobile Qualitative?

-Mobile is the preferred personal media

-People are more engaged with their mobile devices than their computers

-More mobile devices are being used to connect to the Internet than desktop computers

-Best way to know what participants are really doing and feeling in their natural environment

  •      Real time data tracking and time stamping
  •      Validated with geo-location
  •      Enhanced reporting with video/photo/audio


-Mobile Ethnography

-Mobile Bulletin Board

-Mobile Discussion Groups

-Mobile IDI: SMS & Text

-In the Moment Intercept Interviewing


Why Online Qualitative?

-Reduce travel and logistics for entire project

-Reach participants in more natural settings and in more engaging ways

-Decrease project risks and increase flexibility

-Reduce project costs

-Faster execution and analysis


-Bulletin Board Focus Groups: Asynchronous, Multi Day Discussions

-Online Focus Groups

-Webcam-based Focus Groups

-Online Journaling and Immersive Research

-Chat Sessions

-Social Media Contextual Analysis / Sentiment Analysis


Types of Studies Conducted Online 

  •  Advertising/CopyTesting
  •  ConceptTesting
  •  Cultural Assessments and Comparisons
  •  Idea Generation
  •  Naming and Packaging
  •  New Product Development
  •  Positioning and Branding
  •  Product/SensoryTesting
  •  Relationship Dynamics
  •  Segmentation
  •  UsabilityTesting