Innovative Techniques

In addition to conducting traditional qualitative research grounded in classic anthropology, Threads employs a wide array of behavioral insight methods that leverage the latest technologies in providing a 360 degree view into unmet consumer needs and cultural context.

Be it for gathering a quick pulse on a specific consumer target or in response to a full service research RFP, our tailored solutions are built from the ground up to uncover actionable findings that help clients develop informed business strategies.

Our qualitative techniques include:

Behavior Mapping
Consumer Target and Market Immersion 
Customer Experience Mapping
Emotional Diaries
Communications Development & Testing
Mind Clouds
Need States Analysis 
Observational Techniques 
Open Space Innovation Workshops
Persona Development 
Product and Concept Testing
Emotive Projectives
Sensory IQ Food & Beverage Optimization
Shopper Path-to-Purchase 
Shopper Decision Tree
Video and Photo Capture and Journaling 
Visual Projectives