Face to Face


In-Person Qualitative

In-person qualitative research includes traditional focus groups, mini-groups, one-on-one in-depth interviews (IDI’s) and ethnographic research (shop-alongs, dine-alongs, in-home studies, etc.)

In-person qualitative research is ideal when input is needed from only select geographic areas or when there is a need to understand a sensory experience such as taste, touch or smell.

Focus groups and in-depth interviews are typically conducted at formal focus group facilities with mirrored viewing for clients. Closed circuit video allows clients to view live groups from any where in the world remotely as they happen, or archived for convenient viewing anytime.

Ethnographic interviews allow our clients the opportunity to “walk in the shoes” of their customer. Enthography is rooted in anthropology and is a blend of observational research with interviewing. Ethnography helps clients to understand shopper and consumer needs as well as how social context and cultural relevance impacts their buying and consumption decisions.

Ethnography is carried out in many forms including:

  • Shop-alongs - Trained ethnographers accompany shoppers as they shop in various stores.
  • Dine-alongs - Ethnographers dine with consumers to understand their experiences and perceptions related to the environment, service, and meal/beverage quality.
  • In-situ - Ethnographers visit with study participants in their homes or at work to observe and record use of products and improvised solutions to provide input for product design and service development.