Redefining Mystery Shopping with QualShop

Is your mystery shopping program measuring what is most important to your customers, or only what is most important to you?

To design an effective mystery shopping program, you need to understand what is most important to your customers compared to what they actually experience when shopping at your business.  It is equally important to understand how shoppers perceive the experience you deliver compared to your competition.

With QualShop™ you will gain valuable insights into how customers perceive their shopping experiences at your business vs. your competition.

QualShop™ brings the true customer experience to you using advanced digital qualitative and mobile technologies.

QualShop™ is ideal for…

  • Designing a new mystery shopping program
  • Digging deeper into the customer experience when problems are uncovered with mystery shopping
  • Updating and reviving existing mystery shopping programs that have become stale
  • Understanding your competitive position from the eyes of the customer
  • Improving customer service, customer retention and sales

How QualShop™ works: 3 Steps

1.   First we send 15-20 shoppers to your stores and two of your competitor’s stores. To eliminate bias, shoppers don’t know which store is our client. During their visits, shoppers record their experiences with audio, photos and videos (where permitted) using our proprietary QualShop™ app on their smartphones.

2.   After shoppers visit all three locations, they submit a short video interview of their overall experiences using their webcam and/or mobile video.

3.   Finally, we bring all 15-20 shoppers together for an online focus group discussion that lasts 2-3 days to further explore and compare their experiences and review existing and draft mystery shopper questionnaires.

The entire process takes around 3 weeks to complete and you get to experience firsthand what your customers experience all along the way.

QualShop™ is an exclusive service created by Mark Michelson, co-founder of the MSPA and a globally recognized expert in mystery shopping, mobile and qualitative research.